SORS/WomenInBSC: When AI is not the solution: from principles to practice

Fecha: 20/Apr/2023 Time: 12:00


BSC Auditorium (-1 floor) and Zoom

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Abstract: This talk will present the research process to develop a conversational agent to support and dignify the work of indigenous languages interpreters in Mexico. The project was an exploration to co-design the system and the research methodology with the end users (indigenous interpreters) in a way which aligned with the principles of: gender perspective, collaboration, shared benefits, digital autonomy and data sovereignty.

The talk will explore the political, social and cultural landscape of indigenous languages interpretation in Mexico, along with key aspects of indigenous data sovereignty, to provide contextual basis for the project and its proposed methodology. Finally, we will explore the social conditions which led to the decision that AI was not the right tool to tackle the problem, if the aim was to develop a technology which in all its stages, from its design to its deployment, aligned with set of principles which were chosen.

Short bio: Sofía Trejo is a researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, specialized in the social, legal, political, cultural and environmental impacts of AI. She holds a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and has worked as a researcher at the University of São Paulo and at Imperial College London. She is a member of the Feminist AI Research Network (f<A+i>r), has been part of the Advisor Council of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications in Mexico and was a co-leader of the National AI Agenda for Mexico.


Speaker: Sofia Trejo, High Performance Artificial Intelligence Recognised Researcher, Computer Sciences, BSC
Host: Atia Cortés, Social Link Analytics Recognized Researcher, Life Sciences, BSC