SORS: Advances in GPU architecture for deep learning and scientific computing

Fecha: 27/Apr/2016 Time: 09:00


Campus Nord, Building C6, room  E-106

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Speaker: Frédéric Parienté, NVIDIA

Abstract: The talk will cover the recent NVIDIA product announcements made at the GTC'16 conference, and how the Pascal GPU and NVLink interconnect technologies greatly improve multi-GPU performance and efficiency in deep learning and scientific computing applications.

Bio: Frédéric Parienté is a Business Development Manager for Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA since 2015, in charge of Higher Education and Research across Southern Europe. Previously, he spent his engineering career at Sun Microsystems–Oracle as a performance software engineer and was the regional Director of ISV Engineering when he left Oracle in 2015. Frédéric graduated in General Engineering from ENSTA ParisTech, Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois and Finance from Université Paris Dauphine.