Migration of Cluster Slurm+Moab to Slurm 2.3

Fecha: 27/Mar/2012 Time: 09:00

Place: Edificio I+D, University of Zaragoza
Mariano Esquillor, s/n
Campus Río Ebro
50018 Zaragoza

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In December 2011 took place a half day workshop on SLURM & MOAB to comment news, migration and possible future options. As a consequence of the interest in the topic, a videoconference was scheduled to continue the discussion. After, a training session was scheduled in 2012 to let all technicians know how to migrate to the new version of SLURM.

The meeting was conducted by the performance engineers at BSC-CNS during two days in which the cluster in Zaragoza was migrated. This training provided the attendees experience to know how to deploy the same tasks in the supercomputers managed by them.