Non-linear MHD Simulations of Pellet Triggered ELMS in JET and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks

International Conferences 2016


Authors: Futatani, S / Pamela, S / Huijsmans, G.T.A / Garzotti, L / Frigione, D / Loarte, A / Hoelzl, M / Lang, P.T / Kocsis, G / Orain, F / Dunne, M / Lessig, A / Mantsinen, Mervi / EUROfusion MST1 Team, / ASDEX Upgrade Team, / JET Contributors,

Research Lines: Computational Modeling for Fusion

Publication: 43rd European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS), Leuven, Belgium, 4th-8th July 2016, Europhysics Conference Abstracts

Volume / Number: 40A / O5.125