CAMS 84: Global and regional a posteriori validation, including focus on the Arctic and Mediterranean areas


CAMS is providing operational services, which requires a regular and guaranteed delivery of validation reports. In the current MACC-VAL project all partners are individually responsible for the download and processing of the model fields, the generation of the validation plots and maintenance of the verification websites. During CAMS-84 we will progressively migrate to a common (centralised or partly distributed) processing environment based on common software. In order to achieve this, we included partner S&T who has a long experience on validation and quality control software development, including e.g. the validation tools and website developed for NORS (these tools are currently used in VAL for the NDACC observations). This work will focus on:

  • A common download of all model data from the regional and global models.
  • An extraction of reduced (collocated) model datasets.
  • A common download of correlative data (where used by multiple partners).
  • A generation of collocations and harmonization of the datasets, including the application of kernels and error propagation, stored in a database or collocation files.
  • A generation of series of verifications plots and statistics.
  • A website (websites) to present the results.