Olga Ortega Gelabert

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15th December 2022. 10:30 am. UPC's Vèrtex Building Auditorium + Gardens & Virtual

We are looking forward to celebrating the BSC staff annual meeting this year.

As in the previous edition, the event will be online and shorter.

The event will begin on December 15th at 10:30 am. We will send you a link nearer the time so you can connect.

Even more than normal, we hope that as many BSC staff as possible will be able to attend and participate.

You can participate by telling us:

What you would like to know about?

Let us know which subjects you find interesting to be incorporated into the BSC directors’ presentations.
Deadline exceeded

What would you like to listen to?

What you would like to share?

We would like to know more about your work, so we have booked one hour of the Annual Meeting to listen to 6 BSC employees that will explain what they do. We encourage you to be one of them.

What I would like to explain

Coming soon

 BSC Talks

We have booked time for 6 employees to explain in 6 minutes what you do at BSC.

The event will be VIRTUAL but the BSC Talks will be presented from the studio where the event is taking place.

We would like you to make short, attractive presentations (6 minutes) so all the BSC staff know what you do.

You could be one of those to go up the stage, and we will help you to prepare it.

What will you need to do?

  1. Let us know about what you would like to explain.
    • Send us a short video (landscape) of 45 seconds’ maximum explaining what you would like to present at annualmeeting2021@bsc.es
    • State your name, department, research group and a provisional title for your talk.
    • Deadline: November 29th.
  2. All the BSC staff will vote for the 6 most interesting proposals.
    • All videos will be available at the web page and the voting process will be open. Each employee will be able to vote up to 3 proposals.
  3. If your proposal is one of the chosen ones:
    • A training session will be organized for the 6 most voted.
  4. Prepare a 6 minutes’ presentation.
  5. The best presentation of December 15th will be awarded!

Directors’ presentation of 2022

We would like to know what subjects you are interested in so as to incorporate them in the directors’ presentation of the center. Fill in this form with your questions.


I graduated in Physics from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) in 2012 and completed a master in Modelling for Science and Engineering in 2014. During my master studies, I was working as a technician to support the research in the Radiations department at UAB with the Research Group of Ionizing Radiations (GRRI). I was mainly involved on nuclear track detectors and simulating neutron processes and interactions with MCNPX code. I also partcipated in several irradiation campaigns with Bonner Spheres and CR-39 detectors in facilities in Sevilla and Rome. 

In December 2020 I defended my PhD thesis in numerical methods at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). My thesis, “Advanced numerical techniques for geophysical inverse problems”, combines Model Order Reduction techniques with probabilistic inverse problems to drastically reduce the high computational cost of the large number of required forward evaluations without losing accuracy in the inversion results. In particular, the methodology proposed is applied to an inversion example to infer the Earth's lithospheric structure from dynamic topography data generated due to the sublithospheric mantle flow.

Since February 2021 I am working as a postdoc in the the Fusion Group at BSC within the FusionCat project to further develop the capabilities of the neutron transport module integrated in the multi-physics simulation code Alya.