BSC-CNS Newsletter September 2021

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NEWSLETTER September 2021

Applications developers to have an artificial intelligence system that is expert in understanding and writing the Spanish language

BSC has created a model trained on the MareNostrum supercomputer with data files from the Biblioteca Nacional de España. MarIA, the name of the system, is a set of language models or, in other words, deep neural networks that have been trained to acquire an understanding of language, its vocabulary and its mechanisms to express meaning and write at an expert level.

BSC executes, for the first time, big encrypted neural networks using Intel Optane Persistent Memory and Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

BSC, together with Intel, have succeeded in encrypting the execution of big neural networks in an efficient way, thanks to Intel Optane persistent memory and Intel Xeon Scalable processors with built-in AI acceleration. Until now, the size of the main memory supported by current technology had limited the use of homomorphic encryption to small neural network models, designed for mobile devices.

BSC participates in ADMIRE, creating intelligently adapting storage systems for data-intensive applications

ADMIRE will create an active input/output (I/O) software stack that dynamically adjusts computation and storage requirements through intelligent global coordination, malleability of computation and I/O, and the scheduling of storage resources along all levels of the storage hierarchy.

ENERXICO achieves scalable, energy-efficient simulations for the exascale era in oil & gas, wind energy and transportation powertrain industries

After more than two years of research, the collaborative project between Europe and Mexico ENERXICO, coordinated by BSC, comes to an end with major results and contributions in the context of Exascale HPC and data intensive algorithms for different energy sectors.

BSC researcher Markus Donat, selected for the AXA Climate Award

The AXA Research Fund has recognized Markus Donat, the Climate prediction group co-leader at BSC, with the AXA Award for Climate Science, that aims to reward researchers for their outstanding contribution to scientific understanding of and adaptation to climate change. Donat is a climate scientist whose focuses on understanding climate extremes in the context of climate variability and climate change.

BSC researcher Rosa M. Badia, elected as an ACM Europe Councilor

Rosa M. Badia, the Workflows and distributed computing group manager and coordinator of the eFlows4HPC project, has been elected as Association for Computing Machine (ACM) Europe Councilor. Badia says she aims to “expand the presence of Europe (and Spain) within ACM and promote European candidates in ACM bodies and degrees. I would also like to contribute to increasing the visibility of women in the area of information technology, trying to improve their representation”.

Coming up
18 OCT 2021 [ONLINE] PATC: Parallel Programming Workshop Location: Online
25 OCT 2021 BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathons for HPC and AI Location: Online
02 NOV 2021 MNHACK21: 3rd MareNostrum Hackathon Location: Campus Nord UPC
05 NOV 2021 Arm SVE Hackathon Location: Virtual
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