8th Users' Conference & 3rd HPC AC Conference

Fecha: 23/Sep/2014 Time: 10:30 - 24/Sep/2014 Time: 18:00


Meeting room: Aula Magna
Building: Facultad de Ciencias
University of Cantabria
Avda. de los Castros, s/n
E-39005 Santander
Cantabria (SPAIN)

Target group: The conferences are aimed at all the RES users, potential users and as well students or scientifics interested in the topics o science and supercomputing services. Furthermore companies involved in the High Performance Computing technology will find interesting to participate in the HPC AC meeting and attend the RES User Meeting to be informed about the user requirements.

Cost: Attendance to the 8th RES User Meeting and the 3rd HPC AC Meeting Spain Conference is free of charge but the registration is compulsory due to organization tasks.

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8th RES Users'Conference
10.45h – Welcome
Session 1: Resources and services offered by the RES and PRACE
(session chair: Montse González, BSC-CNS)
11.00h – Supercomputing Resources in BSC, RES and PRACE (Sergi Girona, BSC-CNS)
11.20h – RES Users Committee
11.40h – Pause/coffee
Session 2: The challenge of moving from Tier-1 to Tier-0          
(session chair: Sergi Girona)                 
12.00h – Longitudinal and Transverse Electronic Transport in Atomically Doped Graphene from First Principles (Nicolas
             Leconte and Stephan Roche, Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology)
Session 3: Computational technology, Cosmology and Materials
(session chair: Javier Junquera, CITIMAC - Universidad de Cantabria)   
12.20h – High performance adaptive finite element methods for turbulent flow and fluid-structure interaction with
             applications in biomechanics, aerodynamics and aeroacoustics (Johan Janson, BCAM Basque Center for
             Applied Mathematics)
12.40h – Constraints on inflationary models of the universe based on CMB data (Andrés Curto and Enrique Martínez
             González, Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria)
13.00h – Controlling the color of atoms and molecules with light (Umberto de Giovannini, University of the Basque
             Country UPV/EHU)
13.20h – Pause/lunch break
Session 4: Quantum Mechanics and Technological development
(session chair: Ramón Beivide, Universidad de Cantabria)   
14.30h – PNOF5-PT2: A new benchmark tool in computational chemistry (Eloy Ramos Córdoba, Institut de Química
              Computacional i Catàlisi - Chemistry Dpt Universitat de Girona)
15.00h – Study of α,γ-Peptide Nanotubes through Molecular Dynamics simulations (Martín Calvelo, Center for
             Research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Materials - CIQUS)
15.30h – Acceleration of Termo Fluids CFD code by means of GPU co-processors (Ricard Borrell, Termo Fluids S.L. )
16.00h – Conclusions and farewell

3rd HPC Advisory Council Spain Conference
08.30h - Gathering
09.20h - Opening session: HPC Advisory Council activities (Gilad Shainer, HPC Advisory Council)
09.30h - Opening session: The Spanish Supercomputing Network (Montse González, Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
10.00h - Keynote: The Exascale Architecture (Richard Graham, MPI Forum)
10.45h - Coffee break
11.00h - HPC Market Trends in Middleware and Application Software Utilization (Christopher Willard, Intersect 360)
11.45h - Sponsor presentation: Panasas HPC Storage. Simplicity and Performance (Jose Carreira, Panasas)
12.05h - Lunch
13.10 - Sponsor presentation: SFA12KX and Lustre update (Maria Perez Gutierrez, DDN)
13.30h - First experience with Lustre DNE (Hussein Harake, the Swiss Supercomputing Center – CSCS)
14.00h - Clustering and GPU optimizations – How to achieve optimal performance? (Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council)
14.45h - rCUDA: Towards energy-efficiency in GPU computing by leveraging low-power processors and InfiniBand
             interconnects (Federico Silla, Technical University of Valencia)
15.30h - Coffee Break
16.00h - Parallware: Automatic Parallelization of Sequential Codes (Manuel Arenaz, CEO at Appentra and Professor at the
             University of A Coruña, Spain)
16.30h - Adventures in Parallel Filesystems (James Coomer, DataDirect Networks)
17.00h - Adjourn and Prize Raffle