Administration and Purchasing

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The Administration & Finance Team is a cross-functional team formed by the Reception, Financial Controlling, Accounting, Purchasing & Tenders and Travels.

The Reception is in charge of welcoming the visitors, attending the general incoming calls, messaging & packaging and Entry-Exit Registration System among others.

In general terms, Finance (accounting & financial controlling) is responsible of the core financial resources management, budget management, reporting, financial statements preparation and any other issues related to the accounting audit process.

The Purchasing & Tenders unit ensure the supply of goods, materials and equipment. An strategic purchasing is carried out for planning all the high-level tasks and decisions that go hand in hand with procurement. They are also the link with legal services from Advocacy State Attorney.

The Travels Unit is responsible for the reservations (locomotion, accommodation, registrations …) of staff members business travels. In the post-travel stage, they register the Settlement of travel expenses. They also provide advice about visas, passports and travel insurance.