The Alya System - Large Scale Computational Mechanics


The Alya System is the BSC simulation code for multi-physics problems, specifically designed to run efficiently in supercomputers

In Alya, these two main features are complementary, which makes the code especially well-suited to simulate complex problem in different domains of Science and Technology. 

Among the problems Alya can simulate are:

  • Incompressible Flows
  • Compressible Flows
  • Non-linear Solid Mechanics
  • Species transport equations
  • Excitable Media
  • Thermal Flows
  • N-body collisions
  • ...

For more information visit this link and the Gallery below.

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In the media

Alya Multi-Physics Scaled to 100,000 Cores on NCSA Blue Waters Supercomputer (inside HPC)

Alya Red: A Computational Heart. Winner of the 2012 Visualization Challenge, hosted by Science Magazine and USA National Science Foundation NSF (Science Mag)

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