SO Training: Statistics for Bioinformatics

Date: 02/Jun/2014 Time: 08:00 - 16/Jun/2014 Time: 15:00

Place: Meeting room: Sala de Juntes
Campus Nord
Jordi Girona, 31
08034 Barcelona

Target group: The course is designed and expected to be of the interest for any of the scientific areas covered by the BSC, and is not focused to the solving of specificbioinformatics problems. We, therefore, think it is a good opportunity to both refresh and to improve our skills in statistics, and to provide novel methodologies that could be useful for many of the problems that include a large number of variables.

Cost: There is no registration fee.

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The aim of the course is to give a background of Statistics for Bioinformatics and other scientists whose research requires analyzing large amounts of data and variables, avoiding focus on specific tools for a particular type of analysis, so that would be open to all staff of the BSC .

Attendees will be selected and addressed by invitation.


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Contact us at education [at] bsc [dot] es