PATC Systems Workshop: Programming MareNostrum 4

Date: 26/Sep/2017 Time: 09:00 - 27/Sep/2017 Time: 13:00


The course will take place in
Barcelona Supercomputing Centre,
within the UPC Campus Nord premises.

Vertex building. Room VS208

Target group: INTERMEDIATE level -for trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge;

Cost: There is no registration fee. The attendees would need to cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals.

Primary tabs

DAY 1/ 9am - 5pm
09:00 Introduction to BSC, PRACE PATC and this training - David Vicente
09:30 MareNostrum 4 – the view from System administration group - Javier Bartolomé           

10:30 Coffee break                                                                                                      

11:00 Big Data and Deep Learning at MareNostrum4 - Carlos Tripiana
11:30 How to use MareNostrum4: BASIC Things, BATCH system, Filesystems, Compilers, Modules, DT, DL, BSC commands -
12:15 Hands-on I -                                                  

13:00 Lunch (not hosted)                                                                                                  

14:30 How to use MN4 – Advanced I MPI implementations (PR), MPI IO (PR), Tuning MPI values for different applications (DV)  - Pablo Ródenas, Janko Strassburg, Jorge Rodríguez 15:15 Hands-on II - Pablo Ródenas, Jorge Rodríguez

16:00 Coffee break

16:15 How to use MN4 – Advanced II GREASY (PR), Mathematical libraries MKL (JR) - Pablo Ródenas, Jorge Rodríguez
17:00 End of the first day

DAY 2/ 9am - 1:30pm

09:00 You choose! - MareNostrum 4 visit (In the chapel) - Doubts + Hands ON + Tunning your app (In the classroom) - David Vicente, Jorge Rodríguez
09:30 How can I get resources from you? - RES Jorge Rodríguez
10:00 How can I get Resources from you? - PRACE Janko Strassburg

10:30 Coffee break                  

11:00 Tuning applications   BSC performance tools (Extrae and Paraver) - BSC Tools Team
12:00 Hands-on III – Performance tools and tunning your application - BSC Tools Team
13:00 Wrap-up : Can we help you in your porting ? How ? when ? - David Vicente