PATC Course: Earth Sciences Simulation Environments

Date: 12/Dec/2013 Time: 09:00 - 13/Dec/2013 Time: 18:30


The course will take place in
Barcelona Supercomputing Centre,
within the UPC Campus Nord premises.

Room S208, Vertex Building (green on the map)
S indicates that the room is 2 floors below the entrance level.

Target group: Level: for trainees with some theoretical and practical knowledge Prerequisites: At least University degree in progress on Earth Sciences, Computer Sciences or related area Basic knowledge of UNIX Knowledge of C, FORTRAN, MPI or openMP is recommended Knowledge of Earth Sciences data formats is recommended (grib, netcdf, hdf,…)  

Cost: There is no registration fee. The attendees would need to cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals.    

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All PATC Courses at BSC do not charge fees.

Registration for this course is now open. Please folow the link below to register.


The objective of this course is to cover the main basic topics of HPC environment oriented to Earth Sciences applications. Attendants will learn how to access an HPC facility, install some Earth Sciences models and utilities, run specific test cases, monitoring an execution in batch mode, and visualize the results.
More specifically, the course will cover:

  • Basic usage of shell environment, compilers, and parallel programming paradigms (MPI, openMP)
  • Build a targeted Earth Science application
  • Execution and monitorization of submitted experiment
  • Introduction to some commonly used tools to visualize and analyse model outputs

Learning Outcomes:
The students who finish this course will be able to access, build, run, and visualize a collection of Earth Sciences numerical models. Furthermore, the students will gain a general knowledge on Earth Sciences applications within an HPC environment. The course will provide basic HPC skills for future Earth Sciences modelers.


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