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Date: 20/Jun/2012 Time: 16:00

Cost: There is no registration fee. The attendees would need to cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals.

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Based on the PRACE Advanced Training Centre status and in cooperation with the rest of the PATC OMB members, we develop a European HPC professional training curriculum, available beyond the PRACE partnership. The curriculum is designed as a collaborative effort by the six PATC. The courses are designed to accommodate both specialists with HPC and Supercomputing background and user groups’ researchers using SC facilities.

The trainees can benefit from the hands-on sessions and communication with internationally renowned instructors.  PATC courses are attended by specialists from across Europe and all lectures and materials are in English.


BSC trainers and their expertise 

The fact that BSC has close relationship with the UPC and in particular the Barcelona School of Informatics creates a unique opportunity for trainees interested to continue their studies to take one of the post-graduate programmes on Master or PhD level that BSC is leading. It also means that our trainers have experience in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and supervision, as well as curricula development, course and teaching materials design, which is an asset for PATC responsibility to develop, deliver and coordinate “ pan-European MSc and PhD programmes.

By using appropriate teaching methods which allow the incorporation of hands on practical exercises the training events develop understanding of the tools and environments functionality in the participants in an intensive fashion. The courses are between 1 and 5 days long. Through organizing the training events based on level of comprehension and marketing them across diverse communities we build them as meeting place for scientists of different disciplines, with similar level of  capabilities thus intensifying the cross disciplinary collaboration. 

Representative Sample of Topics on HPC related Training/ Teaching

Research Group

Topics previously taught

Computer Science Department

Parallel computing and Supercomputing technologies , performance monitoring, debugging tools, processor architectures and programming models

Applications Department

parallelization, optimization and numerical simulations

Life Sciences Department

Earth Sciences Department

Topics related to Computational Sciences and support of Scientists in the use of HPC in Life and Earth Sciences Applications

Extreme Computing

scalable parallel algorithms, optimisation methods and algorithms, mathematical modelling and Monte Carlo methods

Storage Systems

operating systems, middleware and high performance mass storage systems and parallel I/O

Autonomic System & e-Business Platform

operating systems, computer architectures and performance evaluation, interest in resource management of distributed and parallel cloud computing environment and multidisciplinary approach on sustainable green computing.

Grid Computing and Clusters

programming models for multicore and emerging architectures, StarSs, Cloud Computing and Grid Computing

Heterogeneous Architectures

microprocessor architecture, compiler optimisation, multi-threaded and vector architectures, power efficient supercomputing architectures,  FPGAs

Accelerators for HPC

operating systems, CUDA, algorithmic Optimisation, Debugging

Tools Group Manager

performance analysis and tools, mainly Paraver and Dimemas.

Parallel Programming Models

computer networks,  operating systems, micro-kernels and run-time libraries supporting parallel applications, parallel languages, compilers and operating systems

Physical and Numerical Modelling

Numerical Methods, Domain Decomposition techniques, next generation and adaptively, mathematical modelling of physical processes

High Performance Computational Mechanics

Computational Mechanics, Code performance analysis and algorithmic level code optimisation


Director of PATC @BSC Maria Ribera Sancho

PATC Coordinator at BSC Nia Alexandrov

Contact Us:

patc [at] bsc [dot] es

education [at] bsc [dot] es


All PATC courses are sponsored by BSC and the PRACE 3IP project.

If you want to learn more about PRACE Project, visit the website.