ICT-Energy: Energy consumption in future ICT devices

Date: 07/Jul/2015 - 12/Jul/2015 Time:


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C.so Nuova Italia, 40 - 03015 Fiuggi Fonte (FR) - Italy

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The school, supported by European Commission under the FET Proactive Coordination Action ICT-Energy (www.ict-energy.eu), is open to graduate students, post-docs, young researchers, and in general to all scientists interested in the physical foundations and practical applications of energy management in computing processes.
The school is aimed at teaching the bases of the science of efficient ICT through 4 thematic groups of lectures:

1) Basic on the physics of energy transformations at micro and nanoscales
2) Introduction to energy harvesting and distributed autonomous mobile devices
3) Software and energy aware computing
4) High performance computing and systems

For each thematic group we foresee 4 lectures for a total of 16 lectures organized in four full days.
Participants to the school will have the opportunity to widely discuss with teachers and colleagues, also through a evening poster-session, where the research conducted by the participants will be illustrated.

The school issues a certificate of participation with explicit mention of the hours of lectures, for credit assignment.

For detailed Program please go to the official website.

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Scientific Director

Luca Gammaitoni, NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Perugia


ICT-Energy is a coordination activity and BSC belongs to it through the ParaDIME project.


Contact Us:

NiPS Laboratory, Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Perugia

via Pascoli 1 - I-06123 - Perugia (Italy)

Emailschool [at] nipslab [dot] org