1st HPAC Platform Training Event

Date: 11/Dec/2018 Time: 09:30 - 12/Dec/2018 Time: 13:00

The course will take place at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, within the UPC Campus Nord premises. Building C6, Room E106

Target group: Scientists and developers from inside and outside the Human Brain Project interested in using the HPAC Platform resources and tools of the High Performance Analytics and Computing Platform (more information: https://www.humanbrainproject.eu/en/hbp-platforms/hpac-platform/)

Cost: There is no registration fee. The attendees would need to cover the expenses for travel, accommodation and meals.

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The objective of the 1st HPAC Platform Training Event is to introduce the HPAC Platform as well as to provide assistance to the potential users in understanding the application process for supercomputing resources access. Further information will be provided on how the supercomputer resources can be used and what tools and environments can help the users to port their applications to a specific supercomputer architecture. Moreover, the participants will learn how to use the simulators NEST for simulation point-neuron models and Arbor for multi-compartment models, as well as which visualisation tools are available to them. 


Programming experience is helpful but not mandatory.

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Recommended Accommodation: Please follow the link for map of some local hotels.

Participants are strongly encouraged to book their accommodation as soon as possible.

Catering: Coffee breaks will be provided in the morning and at the afternoon. Lunch and dinner will not be provided but affordable options are available conveniently located within the campus premises.

Sponsor: Human Brain Project (funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under the Specific Grant Agreement No. 785907 (Human Brain Project SGA2))
If you want to learn more about HBP Project, visit this website.

For further information contact education@bsc.es