Administration and Purchasing

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The General Administration Group is responsible for activities such as organisation of official meetings, including those of the Access Committee, the Executive Commission and the Board of Trustees; and other institutional events as for example the international Scientific Advisory Board of the BSC.

At the same time they worked on some kind of process improvement in management of travel services, space allocation and new offices requirements, purchasing services and execution of public tender processes as well as providing general administrative support, logistic and reception services, such as the development of new information services section to suppliers and customers on the BSC web or the integration of inventory data center assets in a centralized system with the implementation of the system of labeling of goods.

The staff structure of the purchasing unit have strengthened in order to meet the internal needs of personal assistance and to the growing center, projects activity and tender's requirements, to increasing the efficiency of the services. This has allowed the incorporation of best management practices in the selection and hiring of suppliers with social value. Administrative's contracts activity involves a large number of public calls in order to accept supply tenders, services tenders and works tender. El número total de contratos firmados se ha incrementado año tras año according the requirements of the institution.