Female-focused tours for primary schools

We offer tours of MareNostrum to third-year primary school classes to tell them what supercomputers are and what they can be used for in a fun and female-focused way

The tours are part of the scientific outreach project called “We are young women researchers"; through which we seek to contribute to increasing schoolchildren's interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), particularly focusing on girls.

Bridging the gender gap in the science and technology field is one of the objectives of this program, which we carry out in collaboration with Barcelona City Council.

During the first academic year (2018-2019), we are offering tour places for 6,000 third-year primary school students from Barcelona. A tour full of games awaits you!

Listen to this song by the Macedònia band to prepare for your tour. 

Apply to visit: visitesprimaria [at] bsc [dot] es

Ajuntament de Barcelona - Barcelona Supercomputing Center