Gendered Innovations Case Studies & BSC Projects

Gendered Innovations Case Studies 

This section presents case studies demonstrating in very concrete ways-how methods of sex and gender analysis function to create gendered innovations.


Animal Research: Designing Health and Biomedical Research

Animal Research 2: Analyzing how Sex and Gender Interact

Genetics of Sex Determination: Rethinking Concepts and Theories

Stem Cells: Analyzing Sex



Chronic Pain: Analyzing How Sex and Gender Interact

Colorectal Cancer: Analyzing How Sex and Gender Interact

Covid-19: Analyzing Sex and Analyzing Gender

Heart Disease in Diverse Populations: Analyzing Sex and Gender

Osteoporosis Research in Men: Rethinking Standards and Reference Models

Prescription Drugs: Analyzing Sex and Gender

Systems Biology: Analyzing How Sex and Gender Interact



Exploring Markets for Assistive Technologies for the Elderly: Engineering Checklist

Extended Virtual Reality: Analyzing Gender

Facial Recognition: Gender and Intersectionality in Machine Learning

Gendering Social Robots: Analyzing Gender

Haptic Technology: Analyzing Gender

Inclusive Crash Test Dummies: Rethinking Standards and Reference Models

Human Thorax Model: Rethinking Standards and Reference Models

Machine Learning: Analyzing Gender

Machine Translation: Analyzing Gender

Making Machines Talk: Formulating Research Questions

Video Games: Engineering Innovation Processes

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots: Analyzing Gender and Intersectionality in Social Robots



Agriculture: Embedding Gender Norms in Innovation Processes

Climate Change: Analyzing Gender, and Factors Intersecting with Gender

Environmental Chemicals: Designing Health and Biomedical Research

Housing and Neighborhood Design: Analyzing Gender

Marine Science: Analyzing Gender

Quality Urban Spaces: Gender Impact Assessment

Smart Energy Solutions: Intersectional Approaches

Smart Mobility: Co-Creation and Participatory Research

Water Infrastructure: Participatory Research and Design

BSC Projects 


Climate change and gender-based health disparities 

HARMONIZE: Harmonizing multi-scale spatiotemporal data for health in climate change hotspots


QUSTom Quantitative Ultrasound Stochastic Tomography

Gender differences: Apprenticeships and social mobility  


XY-CANGEN: Deciphering the role of biological sex in cancer genetics

Interpreting molecular similarity between patients as a determinant of disease comorbidity relationships

Dealing with gender bias and stereotyping in the "MULtilingual Transfer learning for the Inclusion of vulnerable social groups (MULTI)" project