Paolo De Luca

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All my research interests orbit around weather and climate extremes (WCE). At the moment, with a MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship, I am investigating decadal to multi-decadal constrained climate projections of global compound events. I also apply methods used for Earth’s studies to investigate exoplanet atmospheres, in order to detect conditions where life could emerge or be already present.
My research lines can be summarised as follows:
- univariate and compound global WCE in observations, reanalyses and climate models;
- decadal to multi-decadal prediction of WCE;
- physical drivers and dynamics of WCE;
- mean climate and WCE in exoplanets and their comparison to Earth’s.


2016-2019 NERC PhD Loughborugh University (UK)
2013-2015 MSc Polytechnic University of Marche (IT)
2015 ERASMUS+ Trainee Hamburg University - Meteorological Institute (DE)
2011-2013 BSc University of Perugia (IT)
2012-2013 Trainee National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology INGV (IT)


2022-present MSCA Postdoctoral Fellow @Barcelona Supercomputing Center (ES)
2021-2022 Researcher @Barcelona Supercomputing Center (ES)
2019-2021 Postdoc @VU Amsterdam (NL)
Research visits
2024 (forthcoming, 3 months) Freie Universität Berlin – Institute of Meteorology (DE)
July-August 2023 (forthcoming, 2 months) University of Bergen – Geophysical Institute (NO)
June 2023 (forthcoming, 1 month) Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (DE)
18-26/03/2023 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Institute of Earth Sciences (IL)
2018-2020 (~6 months) Uppsala University – Department of Earth Sciences (SE)
Peer-reviewed publications

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