Computational Fluid Dynamics


Compressible and Incompressible flows are modelled by discretizing the Navier-Stokes equations. The incompressibility constraint leads to fundamental differences on how the solution process is achieved. In the CASE Department we work on:


  • Compressible flows

Variational Multiscale Methods (VMM) are used to stabilize the compressible flow equations. On one hand, we study the general form and behaviour of VMM for the compressible case. On the other hand, we apply it to solve mesoscale atmospheric flows.

Contact: mariano.vazquez AT


  • Incompressible flows

Efficient solution strategies for large sparse algebraic systems resulting from the discretization of the incompressible flow equations are studied and programmed. 

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Recent selected publications:

  • G. Houzeaux, R. Aubry and M. Vázquez. Extension of fractional step techniques for incompressible flows: The preconditioned Orthomin(1) for the pressure Schur complement. Journal of Computational Physics. 2011,
  • G. Houzeaux, M. Vázquez, R. Aubry and J.M. Cela. A massively parallel fractional step solver for incompressible flows. Journal of Computational Physics. 2009,