IBM-BSC - About us

The IBM-BSC Future of Computing Center is a joint effort between IBM and BSC providing a framework for conducting joint research and development projects, as well as around efforts to deploy technology developed in the prior Collaboration Agreements as solutions for the community.


IBM continues to make advances in research and development towards building next-generation systems that will realize the Future of Computing vision. BSC has accumulated significant expertise and experience in developing software technologies, optimization of applications and operation of high-performance systems. Continued successful research collaboration between IBM and BSC is planned to contribute to the common goals among both parties.

IBM and BSC also believe in the key importance of preparing students with the advanced skills and knowledge for necessary competitiveness in our industry. According to several recent surveys in the EU and the USA, there is a risk of shortage on technical personnel with suitable capabilities, and this collaboration is an opportunity to accelerate knowledge and experience in the region.

Therefore, the primary goals of the Collaboration are:

  1. Conduct basic research that is of mutual interest to BSC and IBM in support of the Future of Computing vision, valuable to future IBM products, solutions and services. The focus areas for collaboration are:
    • HETEROGENEOUS COMPUTING SYSTEMS: Architectures, runtime systems and programming environments towards computation acceleration and data movement optimization, considering highly heterogeneous systems. This includes accelerated computing on reconfigurable computing devices.
    • APPLICATIONS: Demonstrated impact on user/client applications, work on new BSC workloads and extend BSC and IBM outreach.
  2. Conduct deployment activities, leveraging technology developed in the prior Collaboration, on solutions in the area of Spanish Natural Language Processing (NLP) applied to Life Sciences, of benefit and value to Spain.
  3. Educate and transfer skills to academia, IBM and IBM’s customers, through different kind of activities supported by scholarships and grants.

Research and deployment activities, as well as education and skill transfer activities, will be formulated through Joint Study Agreements (JSA).

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