REALLOCATE: Rethinking the dEsign of streets And pubLic spaces to Leverage the mOdal shift to Climate-friendly Active


Drastic decrease in transport emissions of 55% by 2030 and 90% by 2050 is required for European cities to reach climate neutrality, which is hindered by inconvenient mobility infrastructure, inadequate services and insufficient governance for short-distance travel, negatively impacting active modes safety and security.REALLOCATE's main objective is to pave the way towards climate-neutral, safe, inclusive and smart European cities through integrated and innovative sustainable urban mobility solutions that will address the needs of diverse groups and communities, while rebalancing street space allocation.

The project will empower 10 twinned Mission Cities (Gothenburg-Tampere, Heidelberg-Utrecht, Lyon-Warsaw, Budapest-Zagreb, Barcelona-Bologna) by providing horizontal thematic expertise, supporting them to build a local innovation ecosystem to develop and deploy zero-emission, shared, inclusive, active and human-centred mobility interventions. Pilots in 15 urban and periurban unsafe areas will demonstrate innovative urban space management and reallocation strategies for sustainable modes (with a specific focus on active modes), having in mind safety, inclusivity, affordability and a just transition to climate neutrality overall. Solutions include innovative urban design, behavioural nudging, smart technological and data-driven solutions to reduce actual and perceived road safety risks, all contributing to achieving climate neutrality by 2030. The pilots will be the learning and testing environments for integrated approaches to foster knowledge transfer and collaborative learning to staff in cities through mentoring and capacity building, knowledge exchange, twinning and work shadowing.

The project's impact will be exponentially increased by engaging 10 Cascade Cities in capacity building activities, and providing them with replication packages and guidelines resulting in implementation plans for replicating at least one of the innovative solutions piloted.