CLOUDSTARS: Cloud Open Source Research Mobility Network


CloudStars is an Open Source Research Mobility network in the field of Cloud Computing technology. The proposal combines twelve academic institutions in seven European countries (Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Poland, Switzerland), two academic institutions in third-party countries (Ecuador, Argentina), and three industrial laboratories from IBM (USA, Switzerland, and Israel). The major flow of secondments is scheduled between the academic institutions and IBM industrial labs.

CloudStars will create a global reference community in open source Cloud Computing. The participants will combine theoretical skills and experience in Cloud Computing research with industrial open source technologies and cutting-edge Cloud infrastructures in IBM laboratories. This will increase the overall global impact of research contributions, helping to arrive to millions of interested third parties through open source communities.

The general goals of the project are to: 1) increase the impact of European researchers with contributions to key open source projects and the involvement in open sourcecommunities; 2) boost the careers of European researchers through well-established networks both across EU and with global open source players; 3) increase the reproducibility of results in Science and Data Analytics through standard Cloud container technologies.