Vera Pancaldi

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NEWS: As of September 2018 I have started a new group at the Cancer Research Centre of Toulouse, as the recipient of the joint Fondation Toulouse Cancer SantéPierre Fabre Research institute Chair of Bio-Informatics in Oncology of the CRCT.
I will maintain an affiliation within BSC and will focus on themes including cellular heterogeneity and 3D genome architecture. 
Contact me for details of open positions.

Since 2017 I have been a senior researcher in the Life Science department and I was previously a FEBS fellow in the Structural Biology and Biocomputing group at the CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre) in Madrid, Spain from 2012 to 2017. Before that I have held post-doctoral research positions at Cambridge University working on epigenetics and hybrid vigour in plants, and at the Sanger Institute and University College London working on fission yeast functional genomics. I hold a degree in Physics and PhD in engineering from Imperial College London.

Paper on Expression Variability in CLL (2015)

Some of my past projects:

  • Epigenomics (BLUEPRINTEpiGeneSys)
  • Evolutionary Boolean models of hybrid vigour (paper)
  • Opinion piece on noise in chemotaxis and stress response (paper)
  • Boolean models of cancer networks, embryonal tumours (ASSET project)
  • An online tool for prediction of protein-protein interactions in fission yeast (PInt
  • Effect of stress on yeast interaction networks (paper)
  • Meta-analysis of microarray data for fission yeast in different genetic and environmental conditions
  • Characterisation and prediction of protein-mRNA interactions in budding yeast
  • The role of epigenetic effects and siRNAs in the formation of inter-specific hybrids in tomato
  • Boolean models of stress response in fission yeast


Alfonso Valencia, BSC

Juan Mendez, CNIO, Madrid

Peter Fraser, Mikhail Spivakov, the Babraham Institute, Cambridge (3D Chromatin contact maps).

José-Ignacio Martin-Subero, Elias Campo, University of Barcelona (Spanish CLL project).

Branka Radic, Superti-Furga lab at CeMM, Vienna (on cell line models for predicting drug synergies).

Zachary Gurard-Levin, Almouzni Lab at Insitut Curie, Paris (on models for predicting breast cancer drug sensitivities)

Meetings organized:

NetMed18: Personalized Medicine in the Era of Big Data, Paris, 11th June 2018, A NetSci2018 Satellite,Organized by Amitabh Sharma (Channing Division of Network Medicine at Harvard Medical School) Mark Santolini (Network Science Institute at Northeastern University, Boston), Vera Pancaldi (BSC) and Thomas Rolland (Institut Pasteur, Paris).

NetSciReg'15 Network Models in Cellular Regulation, Zaragoza, Spain, 1 June 2015 (a NetSci2015 Satellite)

Modelling Approaches in Epigenetics, 20-21 March 2014, Cambridge, UK


  • Nucleome
  • Biological Networks
  • Cell biology
  • Cancer
  • Functional Genomics
  • Promoter Capture HiC
  • Hybrid vigour and evolution
  • Biological noise
  • Chromatin Interaction Networks
  • HiC
  • Complexity
  • Computational Biology
  • Epigenomics
  • Yeast
  • Gene Regulatory Networks


PhD Flow in Porous Media, Imperial College London (Physics/Earth Science Engineering, advisors Peter R. King and Kim Christensen) (2004-2008)


MSci Physics Imperial College London (2000-2004)