European Kick-Off of the International Trillion Parameter Consortium

Accelerating the development and use of Generative AI for Science and Engineering

Data: 19/Jun/2024 Time: 09:00 - 21/Jun/2024 Time: 13:00

Occidental Atenea Mar, Barcelona, Spain

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The predictive power of Large Language Models (LLMs) has increasingly made them go-to methods across many scientific domains. This presents scientists with new challenges but even greater opportunities as they explore various approaches and drive changes in data protection, data usage, and scientific understanding. The international Trillion Parameter Consortium (TPC) aims to bring together groups interested in collaborating around important areas including building, training, and using large-scale AI models as well as building and operating large-scale computing systems. TPC convenes individuals from three broad and overlapping communities: (1) those working on AI methods development, natural language processing/multimodal approaches and architectures, full stack implementations, scalable libraries and frameworks, AI workflows, data aggregation, cleaning and organization, training runtimes, model evaluation, downstream adaptation, alignment, etc.; (2) those who design and build hardware and software systems; and (3) those who will ultimately use the resulting AI systems to explore a range of challenges in science, engineering, medicine, and other domains.

This workshop will provide a forum for continuing to develop a shared vision and goals, particularly aimed at accelerating the use of generative AI in science and engineering. It offers an opportunity for participation by the European AI, HPC, and disciplinary science research communities. On the first day of the meeting, attendees can participate in a hands-on tutorial focused on Large Language Models for Science and Engineering Applications.


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Workshop Agenda

The workshop agenda comprises thematic plenary sessions and parallel workshop sessions organized around multiple themes, each featuring lightning talks, panels, and group discussions. These sessions aim to facilitate the formation and deepening of collaborations, explore opportunities to coordinate efforts, and strengthen collaborations within the European AI, HPC, and Science communities. The objective of the TPC workshop program is to advance the building, evaluating, and use of large-scale AI models for science and engineering applications. Each theme is organized by individuals active in corresponding TPC working groups, with participants from around the globe who have been collaborating virtually since 2023. Parallel breakout sessions will include lightning talks on cooperative efforts, lessons learned to date, and discussions.

The LLM tutorial is optional, with those not attending the tutorial arriving for lunch on 19-June at 14:00, followed by an opening plenary at 15:00 and a welcome reception in the evening. The workshop will run until 13:45 on Friday 21-June.