Filippo Mantovani

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Building on the EPI and EUPilot project outcomes, RISER will develop the first all-European RISC-V cloud server infrastructure, significantly enhancing Europe's genuine strategic autonomy. RISER will leverage and validate open hardware high-speed interfaces combined with a fully-featured operating system environment and runtime system, enabling the integration of low-power...

Digital sovereignty has become a key requirement for the EU, which is now striving to move from a simple user of ICT technologies to a main player on the digital market, both for products and human skills. Also, the need for EU (and the EuroHPC JU) to deploy Europe world-class exascale supercomputers is urging. The European Processor Initiative develops a roadmap for future...

The impact of digital technologies on industrial processes is widely discussed and often assumed as a "done deal". However, the industrial environment tends to move at its own pace, and the adoption of new digital technologies can represent a massive challenge in contexts dominated by electromechanics components.

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The main target of the Mont-Blanc 3 project "European Scalable and power efficient HPC platform based on low-power embedded technology" is the creation of a new high-end HPC platform (SoC and node) that is able to deliver a new level of performance / energy ratio whilst executing real applications.

The technical objectives are: