Programming models STARSs (2010)

Data: 20/Sep/2010 - 21/Sep/2010 Time:

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First Day
12.00h – Welcome
12.15h - GRIDSs/COMPSs objective and overview
12.45h - A sample code
13.15h - Configuration, compilation and deployment                                   
13.45h - Monitoring and Debugging
14.15h - Break
15.30h - Tracing and performance Analysis 

16.00h - Programming examples. Tips and tricks.  
16.30h - Migration from GRIDSs to COMPSs
17.00h - Hands on  
17.30h – End of the first day

Download COMPs Manual

Second Day

09.00h - StarSs overview
09.30h - Sample code
10.00h - Single node hands-on
11.00h - Break
11.30h - Hybrid model MPI/SMPSs
12.00h - Programming examples

12.30h – MPI/SMPSs hands-on
13.00h – Performance analysis
13.30h – End of the seminar

Download SMPSs Manual

Find here the agenda in pdf format:
Programming Models Seminar agenda in Barcelona