Parallel computing (2010)

Data: 05/Nov/2010

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The RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network) coordinated by BSC and in collaboration with IFCA (Institute of Physics of Cantabria) and the UC (University of Cantabria), organized in Santander the 5th November 2010 the RES Users Seminar Training titled RES User's Seminar of Parallel Computing.

This seminar taught by UC and BSC-CNS staff was focused on presenting the efficient use of I/O parallel libraries (e.g. Parallel-HDF5, PNETCDF), MPI2 focused on Parallel I/O, parallel file systems and parallel code debugging to the RES users, researchers and students interested in parallel computing.

You can acess and download the presentations used during the training just by clikling on the corresponding line of the agenda.