Earth System Services

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The Earth System Services group facilitates knowledge and technology transfer of state-of-the-art research at local, national and international levels. Our main goal is to demonstrate the ongoing value of climate prediction services, atmospheric composition and weather forecasting to society and key sectors of the economy. We develop services for renewable energy, urban development, infrastructure, transport, insurance, health and agriculture.

The Earth System Services Group has an interdisciplinary approach closely collaborating with all research groups within the department (Climate predictions, Atmospheric Compositions and Computational Earth Sciences) and support groups at the BSC (technology transfer, communications, visualisation, education and outreach)

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S2S4E: Resilience


Earth System Services has three specific objectives:

  1. Study of user-defined needs to advance and guide state-of-the-art research in the BSC Earth Sciences department:
    To reach this objective, ESS will advance and tailor state-of-the-art models, data postprocessing and forecast quality assessment for specific variables, time scales and resolutions, based on user-defined applications/impacts.
  2. Development of user-interaction platforms to tailor and disseminate knowledge, tools and technology transfer:
    To meet this objective, we will explore new data, visualisation and communication techniques to improve and stimulate the use of current platforms.
  3. Assessment of user and societal benefits to evaluate the service value, by establishing engagement, co-production and feedback from users to the provider:
    Our goal is to provide guidance, training and marketing for established services to increase international visibility, and establish feedback mechanisms to evaluate their value to society and the economy.