Dragana Bojovic

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IMPETUS4CHANGE (I4C) will make significant scientific advances that will enhance our collective ability to act on and adapt to near-term climate change. The overarching objective of I4C is to improve the quality, accessibility and usability of near-term climate information and services at local to regional scales where impacts are most keenly felt and on-the-ground adaptation...

NextGEMS will develop and apply a new generation of global coupled Storm-Resolving Earth System Models (SR-ESMs) to the study of anthropogenic climate change. SR-ESMs are distinguished by their fine, 3 km, grid in the atmosphere andocean. This allows a more physical representation of atmospheric and oceanic circulation systems, including their coupling to Earth-system...

The central objective of FOCUS-Africa is to develop sustainable tailored climate services in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region for four sectors:

  • agriculture and food security
  • water
  • energy
  • infrastructure

The proposed co-production amongst end-users, climate scientists and sectoral service providers will ensure...