Annual Report 2008


Welcome to the digital annex to the BSC-CNS & RES Annual Report for 2008.

This annex presents the main research activities undertaken by the scientific staff of the BSC-CNS, as well as the published scientific output of the external users who utilised RES computational resources in their research during 2008.

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The BSC-CNS was constituted on the 1st of April 2005 as the Spanish national centre for supercomputing. In the words of the Ministry of Science & Innovation: “Of use to the national scientific community in a manner in which the services that it offers would be indispensable for the development of scientific and technological research with an experimental character, of high quality and internationally competitive.”
The RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network - Red Española de Supercomputación) was formed in March 2007 as a response to the need of the Spanish scientific community for increased capacity and accessibility of calculation. The RES consists of an infrastructure of supercomputers physically distributed in different sites in Spain, each of which contributes to the total processing power available to users. Each node reserves 20% of capacity for use by researchers at the host institute, and the other 80% is made available to the general scientific community.