Evguenia Stoilova Alexandrova

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Dr. Nia Alexandrov is currently a Professional Training Coordinator at BSC, Barcelona.

Her research is in the area of collaborative learning and work in technology rich environments and the implementation of computational science research methods and HPC tools in university education and professional training and developing evaluation methodologies and Key Performance Indicators using Learning analytics for professional training programs. She holds a PhD from University of Reading, UK in the area of Pedagogical Models and Management Factors for Creating Successful Courses at Postgraduate Level in an Interactive Collaborative Learning Environment. She co-edited and co-authored the book entitled Technological Advances in Interactive Collaborative Learning, in 2013, (ISBN: 978-1-4665-0208-6) as well as authored 30 research papers in journals and peer reviewed conference proceedings, up to date.

In BSC she is involved in the development of professional training KPIs and learning outcomes based evaluation of training as well as developing training curricula as part of PRACE Advanced Training Centres OMB. She was involved in the design of an e-learning methodology and methodology for evaluation of on-line and blended learning on several EC e-learning projects. As a member of the Career Space consortium she was involved with multidisciplinary curricula design, and at the Innovation Value Institute was member of the HE working group. She was lead researcher in the GENIUS EC project developing novel pedagogical approaches for e-learning, on the E-LANE EC project, developing novel methodology for distributed e-learning, a principal investigator in ACET on the VALUE and ACCESS projects (Partnership building and mutual valorisation among Overseas and European Universities), funded by EC under Erasmus Mundus program, Action 4 – Enhancing Attractiveness as well as on RISC and EUBrazilOpenBio EC projects. Currently she is involved in PRACE Implementation Projects 1-5, the Severo Ochoa Excellence Program in BSC, and is the coordinator of PRACE Advanced Training Centre at BSC.

She has over 15 years of experience as a PG Studies Coordinator and Research Assistant at the School of Systems Engineering and ACET (Advanced Computing and Emerging Technologies) Centre at the University of Reading and now at BSC. In Reading she coordinated the MSc Program in Network Centred Computing, the ERASMUS MUNDUS Joint MSc in Network and E-Business Centred Computing and the Computational Science MSc by Research. She taught Research Skills and Implementation of Technologies in the Learning Process at postgraduate level. She has created the Transferable Skills subject modules for Computer Science students, as well as designed and implemented team assignments and projects in the areas of Network Computing and Computational Science at Post-Graduate level. She was Co-organiser of the Workshop: “Next Generation of e-Learning” at ICL Conference, 2005-2009 Villach Austria and 2010 at Hasselt, Belgium. She is the co-chair of the BRIDGE series of workshops Bridging the Talent Gap with Computational Science Methods (2014-17 on ICCS conferences), co-organiser of SC14, 15 and 16 Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training, USA as well as Co-Chair of the ISC15 and ISC 16 PRACE Training Day Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany.