My boss is a troll

Well, not really a troll. A Troll by definition is a person that publishes wind-up messages in an online community with the main intention of annoying or provoking an emotional answer in the users or readers.

  • Provocative message? Guilty.
  • Trying to provoke an emotional answer? Guilty.
  • Message Irrelevant? Not at all.

Troll image

The conflict began on 4th of August with this first tweet in response to an infographic published on the El País twitter account:


in which apparently the most expensive signings from 1998 to 2015, between the English league and the Spanish league clubs were compared.

I say apparently, because it seems the information was wrong: Someone called Bale hadn’t been included. I have to admit I don´t know anything even about his existence and much less about football signings.

The second tweet (persistent) was this:


showing some Tableau created graphics using some data taken from The Guardian: Totally different results.

And the last tweet:


Giving as a reference and article with the same (and correct) numbers.

Wrong processing? Some kind of error? May be something deliberate?

After sitting in front the great Julio Pomar for months I know that’s not the best way to deal with a troll. By ignoring him, I mean, specially when the troll is telling the truth and we have published some wrong data.

The best way to react would had been to admit the error, say sorry and rectify the data.

Talking with my boss about that two weeks ago, I knew the reason for this unpleasant comment (I have to say that’s not his usual way of doing things. He is actually nice, respectful and always ready to help anybody):

“I think that journalists have access to a lot of information, information that most of us don’t normally have access to, so they have a commitment with the society to be honest and unbiased. Those things made me indignant.”

So I decided to write this post, and I might mention the author (@rodrigo0silva) in a tweet linking to this article. I probably won’t get an answer.

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