Inequality and economic growth in Argentina

A small clarification before we start: I am not pro or against the current Argentinian government, and if I had to vote in next sunday’s elections I would not be able to choose a side. The following is not a real political commentary, what I like is data visualization. Recently I got to read Alberto […]

Desigualdad y crecimiento económico en Argentina

Antes que nada: No soy pro-Kirchner ni pro-Macri, y honestamente si hoy tuviera que votar en Argentina no se a quién votaría. Esto no es un comentario político real, a mi lo que me gusta es la visualización de datos. Hace poco leí en profundidad el libro de Alberto Cairo El Arte Funcional, y me […]

The UX Visualization Diaries · Number 1

Someone once accused me of not doing visualizations. Although that is not actually true (I’ve done more than one and so that means there are a lot of people out there with a bad memory) However, I have to admit that it’s not a really my job. My job, my function in the Visualization department […]