The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge

The Book of Trees covers over 800 years of human culture through the lens of the tree chart, from its roots in religious medieval exegesis to its contemporary, secular digital themes. With more than 200 images the book offers a visual evolution along history of this universal metaphor, showing us the recent emergence of new visual models. […]

The Data Visualization Catalogue

If you ever asked yourself which is the best type of visualization for your data, The Data Visualization Catalogue could provide a guide to help you decide. Severino Ribecca has begun the process of categorizing data visualizations based on what relationships and properties of data they show. With more than 50 types of visualizations, this catalog aims […]

A.Track.Tion: How we Did it?

What music do people listen to? How does their taste change with time? Where do new music styles come from? In this post we go through the methodology and technique used to create A.Track.Tion, a data visualization aimed at shedding light on these deep and interesting questions. Data gathering and processing Our objective was to […]

Atracktion at Sonar 2014

Atracktion is a visual representation of the evolution of music in about 60 years. It was presented on June 28 at Sonar, the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art in Barcelona for its 22nd Edition. We started with the Whitburn Project dataset, a collective effort to gather historical weekly music rankings published by the […]

Supercomputing and eScience

[youtube=]   This documentary talks about the impact of supercomputers both in science and our daily lives. The results shown were obtained in the project Consolider: Supercomputing and e-Science which is part of the Consolider – Ingenio 2010 programme. Its main goal is to advance in the field of applied supercomputing through several areas of […]