Transactions in Spain exceed 12,250 million € in 2018

Spanish companies made large investments in working capital and in international companies, in spite of a slight slowdown in the economy during 2018. According to figures from the consultancy firm TTR, Spanish investors spent more than 12,250 million € acquiring international capital. Of the total completed transactions over the last year, only those transactions for […]

Designing the visualization of #Cuentalo

The #Cuéntalo movement started early in the morning on April 2018, inviting women to share on Twitter their personal experiences of sexual aggression. In a few days, it generated more than 2.5 million tweets and retweets with stories told by their protagonists. Archivists Vicenç Ruiz and Aniol María gathered the tweets in real time, and together with […]

Growth and inequality in southern America

Note: The charts in this post can be explored interactively and for many more countries here. Source code and data are here. This post has two parts, a commentary on the charts, and a more technical discussion on the visualization. Comments: Recently I posted a chart on the evolution of the economy and social inequality […]

Inequality and economic growth in Argentina

A small clarification before we start: I am not pro or against the current Argentinian government, and if I had to vote in next sunday’s elections I would not be able to choose a side. The following is not a real political commentary, what I like is data visualization. Recently I got to read Alberto […]

The UX Visualization Diaries · Number 1

Someone once accused me of not doing visualizations. Although that is not actually true (I’ve done more than one and so that means there are a lot of people out there with a bad memory) However, I have to admit that it’s not a really my job. My job, my function in the Visualization department […]

Big Data Evolution with TimeMapper

Today we will review an easy way to display some data according to a timeline in three steps: Although sometimes it’s possible to use another type of visualization, if you don’t have too much time, TimeMapper may be a good option. In this example, you only have to prepare a spreadsheet on google drive with the following […]

This is not an amazing visualization

This does not pretend to be an deep and extensive visualization experiment. I just wanted to share with you a simple exercise of data visualization using Tableau. I have to admit that my first contact with the tool was few months ago, and I also have to say that it has improved a lot this past […]

The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge

The Book of Trees covers over 800 years of human culture through the lens of the tree chart, from its roots in religious medieval exegesis to its contemporary, secular digital themes. With more than 200 images the book offers a visual evolution along history of this universal metaphor, showing us the recent emergence of new visual models. […]

The Data Visualization Catalogue

If you ever asked yourself which is the best type of visualization for your data, The Data Visualization Catalogue could provide a guide to help you decide. Severino Ribecca has begun the process of categorizing data visualizations based on what relationships and properties of data they show. With more than 50 types of visualizations, this catalog aims […]

A.Track.Tion: How we Did it?

What music do people listen to? How does their taste change with time? Where do new music styles come from? In this post we go through the methodology and technique used to create A.Track.Tion, a data visualization aimed at shedding light on these deep and interesting questions. Data gathering and processing Our objective was to […]