Transactions in Spain exceed 12,250 million € in 2018

Spanish companies made large investments in working capital and in international companies, in spite of a slight slowdown in the economy during 2018. According to figures from the consultancy firm TTR, Spanish investors spent more than 12,250 million € acquiring international capital. Of the total completed transactions over the last year, only those transactions for […]

Las mayores operaciones del 2018 superan los 12.250 millones de Euros

Las empresas españolas invierten en activos y en  compañías internacionales a pesar de la ligera desaceleración económica del 2018. Según los valores de la consultora TTR los inversores españoles gastaron más de 12.250 millones de euros en adquirir activos internacionales. Del total de transacciones completadas durante el pasado año solo se incluyen aquellas cuyo importe […]

Designing the visualization of #Cuentalo

The #Cuéntalo movement started early in the morning on April 2018, inviting women to share on Twitter their personal experiences of sexual aggression. In a few days, it generated more than 2.5 million tweets and retweets with stories told by their protagonists. Archivists Vicenç Ruiz and Aniol María gathered the tweets in real time, and together with […]