Cooperation topics

The Intel-BSC Exascale Lab carries out activities in the following topics:

  • Programming models: With three major objectives:

    • Extension of the OmpSs model and runtime to support dynamic autotuning.
    • Extension of the OmpSs model and runtime with resiliency features
    • Runtime and architectural support of reductions for OmpSs
    • Dynamic load balance for MPI+OmpSs hybrid programs
  • Performance tools: with two major objectives

    • Support power measurements and modeling, including integration between BSC and Intel tools
    • Prediction environment to guide the taskification of sequential programs in OmpSs and to estimate the scalability of existing programs
  • Applications:

    • Large applications: Porting to MPI+OmpSs large scientific codes (i.e. MRGENESIS, WRF, GADGET, GROMACS,…)
    • Algorithmic development for exascale. Looking at communication avoiding and asynchronous algorithms implemented in OmpSs.