About us

Who are we?

The Earth System Services group is part of the Earth Sciences Department in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center - Centro Nacional de Supercomputación (BSC-CNS). We follow a multidisciplinary approach, closely collaborating with the other research groups within the department (Climate Prediction, Atmospheric Composition and Computational Earth Sciences). We also support other groups at BSC, mainly technology transfer, communications, visualisation, education and outreach.

Knowledge and technology transfer, via tailored services, is essential to bridge the gap between science and its end users in key sectors of society (energy, urban development, agriculture and water management, insurance...). The Earth Sciences Department develops in-house non-profit services in the field of weather and atmospheric composition forecasting and climate predictions via projects in collaboration with public administrations, private contracts with companies of funding agencies, and spin-off companies that could exploit operational opportunities.

Our Mission

In the Earth System Services group, we want to demonstrate the ongoing value of climate services, air quality services and dust services to the society and the economy. We actively work in identifying user needs that will guide our research as well as the development of user-oriented services. Our final aim is to ensure technology transfer for the adaptation of the society to a rapidly changing environment that is already affecting those sectors most vulnerable to climate change.

Our Vision

We intend to be the main reference in earth system knowledge and its application across Europe. An interdisciplinary team including researchers, science communicators and user-engagement specialists collaborates closely with all the research groups to ensure that users remain at the centre of the research process and that outcomes are both useful and usable for them.

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