Energy publications

Peer-reviewed publications

  • Torralba, V., F.J. Doblas-Reyes, D. MacLeod, I. Christel, M. Davis (2017) Seasonal climate prediction: a new source of information for the management of wind energy resources. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology (in press)



  • Terrado, M., I. Christel, D. Bojovic, A. Soret, F.J. Doblas-Reyes (2017) Climate change communication & user engagement: a tool to anticipate climate change in W. Leal, E. Manolas, A.M. Azul, U. Azeiteiro, H. Mcghie (Eds.). The Handbook of Climate Change Communication, Springer (in press)


  • MacLeod, D., V. Torralba, M. Davis, F.J. Doblas-Reyes (2016) Transforming climate model output to forecasts of wind power production: how much resolution is enough? Meteorological Applications (accepted)


  • Christel, I., D. Hemment, D. Bojovic, F. Cucchietti, L. Calvo, M. Stefaner, C. Buontempo (2016) Introducing design in the development of effective climate services. Climate Services (under review)


  • Prodhomme, C., F.J. Doblas-Reyes, O. Bellprat, E. Dutra (2016) Impact of land-surface initialization on sub-seasonal to seasonal forecasts over Europe. Climate Dynamics 47: 919-935. Access here to article figures


General publications

  • Terrado, M., N. González-Reviriego, Ll. Lledó, V. Torralba, A. Soret, F.J. Doblas-Reyes (2017) Climate services for affordable wind energy. WMO Bulletin 66 (2) World Meteorological Organisation, pp. 48-53



  • Lledó, L. (2017) Seasonal predictions for wind energy. Anticipating quarterly winds and revenues one month ahead. WindTech International



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