Sysroot Image for System Simulator

The system root image for the system simulator is a file that contains a disk image of FC6 files, libraries and binaries that can be used within the system simulator. This disk image file is pre-loaded with full range of FC6 utilities and also includes all of the Cell BE Linux support libraries. The RPM file is by far the largest of the RPM files and when installed takes up 1.6 G bytes on the host machine's hard disk.

File Description
sysroot_image-2.1-8.noarch.rpm Pre-built sysroot image file.

Source package

File Description
sysroot_image-2.1-8.src.rpm Source RPM package for building the sysroot image file from scratch.

To rebuild the sysroot image you can install the source rpm and run the rpm_build. sh script:

                  rpm -ivh sysroot_image-2.1-8.src.rpm
         --none --sysroot

To build the sysroot image you need to build all the other components before. If you build the sysroot without having built all the other components, they will not be installed in the sysroot image.