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    ReLA, Prediction of gene regulatory regions


    ReLA (REgulatory region Local Alignment tool) is a method optimized with the Smith-Waterman algorithm that identifies gene regulatory regions in genomic DNA sequences through local searches of clusters of coincident transcription factor binding sites between two or more DNA sequences. ReLA can identify these regulatory regions through the comparison of homologous (orthologs and paralogs) or co-expressed sequences. Our server also allows the identification of more than one regulatory region (alternative promoters) within the reference sequence.

    González S, Montserrat-Sentís B, Sánchez F, Puiggròs M, Blanco E, Ramirez A, Torrents D.
    ReLA, a local alignment search tool for the identification of distal and proximal gene regulatory regions and their conserved transcription factor binding sites.
    Bioinformatics. 2012 Jan 16

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