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Goiri, Í., Julià, F., Fitó, O., Macías, M. & Guitart, J. Resource-level QoS Metric for CPU-based Guarantees in Cloud Providers. Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS), 7th International Workshop on Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services (GECON 2010) Vol. 6296, 34-47 (2010).
National Conferences
Goiri, Í., Guitart, J. & Torres, J. Elastic Management of Tasks in Virtualized Environments. XX Jornadas de Paralelismo (JP 2009) 671-676 (2009).
International Conferences
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Goiri, Í. et al. Multifaceted Resource Management for Dealing with Heterogeneous Workloads in Virtualized Data Centers. 11th International Conference on Grid Computing (Grid'10) 25-32 (2010). doi:
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Goiri, Í., Julià, F., Guitart, J. & Torres, J. Checkpoint-based Fault-tolerant Infrastructure for Virtualized Service Providers. 12th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS'10) 455-462 (2010). doi:
Goiri, Í., Guitart, J. & Torres, J. Characterizing Cloud Federation for Enhancing Providers' Profit. 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD'10) 123-130 (2010). doi:
Book Chapter
Berral, J. L. et al. Energy Efficient Distributed Computing Systems 215-244 (John Wiley & Sons, 2012). doi:
Vaqué, A., Goiri, Í., Guitart, J. & Torres, J. Open Source Cloud Computing Systems: Practices and Paradigms 44-60 (IGI Global, 2012). doi: