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S. Basart, Dulac, F., Baldasano, J. M., Nabat, P., Mallet, M., Roblou, L., Solmon, F., Laurent, B., Vincent, J., Menut, L., Amraoui, E., Sic, B., Chaboureau, J. - P., Léon, J. - F., Vogel, B., J.-B.Renard,, Ravetta, F., Pelon, J., Biagio, D. C., Formenti, P., Chiapello, I., Roujean, J. - L., Ceamanos, X., Carrer, D., Sicard, M., Delbarre, H., and Attiéd, J. - L., Dust Model Intercomparison for Summer 2012 in the Western Mediterranean and comparison to the Pre-ChArMEx/TRAQA Campaign Observations, 7th International Workshop on Sand/Duststorms and Associated Dustfall. ESA/ESRIN, vol. . Laboratory for Earth Observations and Analyses of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Economic Sustainable Development (ENEA), and by the European Space Agency (ESA), 02-04 December, 2013. Frascati (Rome), Italy, 2013.
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