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Tejedor, E., Ejarque, J., Lordan, F., Rafanell, R., Álvarez, J., Lezzi, D., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. A Cloud-unaware Programming Model for Easy Development of Composite Services. Third IEEE International Conference on Coud Computing Technology and Science 375–382 (2011).doi:10.1109/CloudCom.2011.57
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Fries, A., Castañeda, J., Isasi, Y., Taboada, G.L., Portell, J. & Sirvent, R. An efficient framework for Java data processing systems in HPC environments. Proceedings of SPIE 8183, (2011).
Ejarque, J., Micsik, A., Sirvent, R., Pallinger, P., Kovacs, L. & Badia, R.M. Job Scheduling with License Reservation: A Semantic Approach. 19th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP), 2011 47–54 (2011).doi:10.1109/PDP.2011.24
Fries, A., Portell, J., Isasi, Y., Castañeda, J., Sirvent, R. & Taboada, G.L. MPI-based Solution for Efficient Data Access in Java HPC. INFOCOMP 2011, The First International Conference on Advanced Communications and Computation 149–154 (2011).
Ejarque, J., Álvarez, J., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. Orchestrating Services on a Public and Private Cloud Federation. 5th Iberian Gird Infrastructure Conference Proceedings 61-72 (2011).
Ejarque, J., Álvarez, J., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. A Rule-based Approach for Infrastructure Providers' Interoperability. 2011 Third IEEE International Conference on Coud Computing Technology and Science 272–279 (2011).doi:10.1109/CloudCom.2011.44
Sirvent, R., Badia, R.M., Bellens, P., Dialinos, V., Labarta, J. & Pérez, J.M. Demostración de uso de GRID superscalar. (2007).
Sirvent, R. GRID superscalar. (2007).
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Sirvent, R., Pérez, J.M., Badia, R.M., Lovas, R., Sipos, G. & Kacsuk, P. GRID superscalar enabled P-GRADE portal. (2007).
Badia, R.M., Bellens, P., de Palol, M., Ejarque, J., Labarta, J., Pérez, J.M., Sirvent, R. & Tejedor, E. GRID superscalar: from the Grid to the Cell processor. (2007).
Sirvent, R. GRID superscalar y sus nuevas caracterí­sticas de tolerancia a fallos. (2007).
Reyes, S., Niño, A., Muñoz-Caro, C., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. Monitoring Large Sets of Jobs in Internet-Based Grids of Computers. (2007).
Badia, R.M., Sirvent, R., Bubak, M., Funika, W. & Machner, P. Performance Monitoring of Grid Superscalar with OCM-G/G-PM: Tuning and Improvements. (2007).
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