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Book Chapter
Tejedor, E., Badia, R.M., Kielmann, T. & Getov, V. A Component-Based Integrated Toolkit. (2008).
Sirvent, R., Badia, R.M., Currle-Linde, N. & Resch, M. GRID superscalar and GriCoL: Integrating Different Programming Approaches. (2008).
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Badia, R.M., Dasgupta, G., Ezenwoye, O., Fong, L., Ho, H., Khuri, S., Liu, Y., Luis, S., Praino, A., Prost, J.-P., Radwan, A., Sadjadi, S.M., Shivaji, S. & Viswanatha, B. Innovative Grid Technologies Applied to Bioinformatics and Hurricane Mitigation. (2008).
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Badia, R.M., Sirvent, R., Bubak, M., Funika, W. & Machner, P. Performance monitoring of GRID superscalar with OCM-G/G-PM: Integration Issues. (2008).
Badia, R.M., Sirvent, R., Bubak, M., Funika, W. & Machner, P. Performance Monitoring of Grid Superscalar with OCM-G/G-PM: Tuning and Improvements. (2008).
Sirvent, R., Pérez, J.M., Badia, R.M. & Labarta, J. Programación en el Grid: una aproximación basada en lenguajes imperativos. (2007).
Badia, R.M., Sirvent, R., Labarta, J. & Pérez, J.M. Programming the GRID: An Imperative Language Based Approach. (2006).at <>
Ejarque, J., Álvarez, J., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. Resource Allocation for Cloud Computing: A Semantic Approach. Open Source Cloud Computing Systems: Practices and Paradigms 90-112 (2012).doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-0098-0.ch005
Kurzak, J., Ltaief, H., Dongarra, J. & Badia, R.M. Scheduling for Numerical Linear Algebra Library at Scale. (2009).
Krepska, E., Kielmann, T., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. A Service for Reliable Execution of Grid Applications. (2008).
Badia, R.M., Labarta, J., Marjanovic, V., F., M.A., Mayo, R., Quintana-Ortí, E.S. & Reyes, R. Symmetric Rank-k Update on Clusters of Multicore Processors with SMPSs. Applications, Tools and Techniques on the Road to Exascale Computing (2012).
International Conferences
Ahmadabadi, F.Y., Jiménez, D., Álvarez, C., Etsion, Y. & Badia, R.M. Analysis of the Task Superscalar Architecture Hardware Design. 2013 International Conference on Computational Science 339–348 (2013).
Casas, M., Badia, R.M. & Labarta, J. Automatic analysis of speedup of MPI applications. (2008).
Casas, M., Badia, R.M. & Labarta, J. Automatic Phase Detection of MPI Applications. (2007).
Casas, M., Badia, R.M. & Labarta, J. Automatic Structure Extraction of MPI Applications Tracefiles. (2007).
Foina, A.G., Ramírez-Fernandez, F.J. & Badia, R.M. Cell BE and Bluetooth applied to Digital TV. (2010).
Bellens, P., Pérez, J.M., Badia, R.M. & Labarta, J. CellSs: A Programming Model for the Cell BE Architecture. (2006).at <>
Collazo-Mojica, X.J., Sadjadi, S.M., Ejarque, J. & Badia, R.M. Cloud Application Resource Mapping and Scaling Based on Monitoring of QoS Constraints. The 24th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (SEKE'12) 88–93 (2012).
Tejedor, E., Ejarque, J., Lordan, F., Rafanell, R., Álvarez, J., Lezzi, D., Sirvent, R. & Badia, R.M. A Cloud-unaware Programming Model for Easy Development of Composite Services. Third IEEE International Conference on Coud Computing Technology and Science 375–382 (2011).doi:10.1109/CloudCom.2011.57
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Labarta, J., Dialinos, V., Badia, R.M., Sirvent, R. & Pérez, J.M. Implementing Phylogenetic Inference with GRID superscalar. (2005).